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Earn rewards by attending the events you love!

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Get invites from event hosts you follow or find area events.

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Easily sign up to let your host know you're coming.

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We’ll remind you when the event is starting.

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Get notified to give star ratings for your host’s questions.

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Unlock local offers from community businesses.

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Hours earn you Ayni toward experiences & products.

Introducing Glocal

Watch video. It's short.

What Rewards Can I Get?

For every hour you participate, you'll earn our digital currency, Ayni, which you can use to buy amazing products and unlock unique experiences in our glocal store.

What The Heck Is Ayni?

Ayni is Glocal's social currency. It's named after an ancient Incan practice that helped sustain communities for centuries. Learn more about the power of Ayni from our founder who lived in the Amazon jungle for years.

Learn More About Ayni

What kind of events do you attend?

Events earn you different amounts of Ayni per hour:


When people volunteer we'll help charities raise money & companies be more efficient.




Community Service

Student Participation

Civic & Cultural

When people act responsibly as good citizens we want to track & reward that.


Rallies & Marches


Political Campaigns

Galas & Conferences


When people gather to celebrate health & wellness we'll track & reward it.




Spin Class

Sports Groups


When people gather to have fun we’ll help them get feedback & raise donations for causes they support.


Sporting Events




How You Make A Difference!

When you use Glocal at events you're collaborating with hosts and brands to build better local communities.


Sharing your experiences gives unique & critical event feedback to hosts.


Free event data is invaluable to improving events, services & communities.


Rewarding guests is a great way to support local events & build community trust.

Glocal's Mobile App
Fun, Fast, Easy!


Free Event Data? Yes Please.

Data & Customized Feedback

Prove your impact. Our review feature lets you customize feedback from your event.

Reward Your Guests

Increase participation. Our reward system increases guest attendance & willingness to offer event feedback.

Raise Funds

Timing is everything. Our Chip-In feature lets you raise money for your cause, or your favorite charity, after Glocal rewards your guests.


Reach Local Events

Digital Local Ads

Subscribe to place a promotion in the Glocal Store that is seen at all local events.

Support Local Community

Build customer loyalty by showing you care about local events.

Increase Foot Traffic

Guests at local events will claim promotions and visit your store to redeem them.

Glocal Team

Jimmy Spencer Jr

Co-founder & CEO

Dee Yaccino

Co-founder & COO

Cuauhtemoc Valero

Co-founder & CTO

Brandon Salesberry


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