Make Impact. Earn Rewards.


We're a social impact marketplace.


We gamify social impact events by rewarding event participants and converting their impact hours into a virtual currency that is used to buy products or earn experiences from local & global brands in our Glocal Marketplace.

The results are simple & extraordinary: brands build trust and are associated with social impact, event hosts get free data, and participants get rewarded.


Events We Track & Reward

After a combined 70 years of social impact experience across the globe, our founders have learned that everyone makes a positive impact on society differently.

Here are the kind of impact events we track & reward


Glocal Volunteering Event.png


Ex: Corporate, Charity, & Student Participation

When people volunteer to build stronger communities we'll help charities raise more money and companies be more efficient.

Event Reward: Yes | Banked: 4 Ayni Per Hr


Civic & Cultural

Ex: Women’s March, TEDTalks, Campaigns, Rallies

When people act responsibly as good citizens of their community and country we want to track & reward that.

Event Reward: Yes | Banked: 3 Ayni Per Hr



Ex: Marathons, Yoga, Spin Class, Sports Groups

When people gather to celebrate health & wellness, or work on practices making them physically/emotionally stronger we'll track & reward it.

Event Reward: Yes | Banked: 2 Ayni Per Hr


Social & Entertainment

Ex: Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions,

When people get together to build community & togetherness at concerts, festivals, and other large events, the hosts ability to gather on-site feedback and raise donations for partner charities has a great social impact.

Event Reward: Yes | Banked: N/A



How It Works

Whether it be a massive music festival, a weekly yoga group, attending a civic rally, or volunteering at a charity event—our technology works seamlessly to help everyone track impact and earn rewards.


03.02 Check In, Check In Prompt.png

When Carlos arrives to any event using Glocal, he is automatically prompted to check-in. This validates his participation.

05.08 Review Event, Summary.png

When the event ends or Carlos leaves, he's prompted to leave a review.  



His feedback provides free qualitative & quantitative feedback that is critical for his event hosts.


05.10 Review Event, Reward 2.png

He's rewarded for his participation by a local or global brand. This is a great way brands can say thank you for participating & making an impact.

05.11 Review Event, Chip In!.png

Carlos is always given a chance to chip-in to the event's preferred charity.

05.09 Review Event, Validated Hours.png

He can track all his impact hours, see local impact leaderboards and check how he's progressing toward his monthly impact goals.



He'll also see how much Ayni (our virtual currency) his hours have earned him toward rewards




01.06 Profile, Claim Rewards.png

He can always open his glocal wallet and redeem his Ayni for amazing experiences & products from brands whose loyalty programs honor Carlos validated impact participation 


Our Goal


Glocal builds community trust & togetherness thru social impact events.


A global brand for local impact