build a better us


we're making it simple & sustainable to organize hyper-local community projects.



ambitious? you bet.

We're a tech based charity—and our goal is build a global super-brand for hyper-local community action.

Our technology provides the tools for people to organize, fund and discover, unique hyper-local projects. It creates a marketplace for belonging and best practices for Organizers across the globe. It allows us to measure and strategically invest in people changing the world.

Our Trust partners with glocally oriented corporations & philanthropists who are investing in vetted and measured hyper-local projects.

We're  determined to make organizing community projects simple & sustainable—forever changing the way the world gets good done.

Together, we'll build a better us.

colombia launch

Historic moments can birth historic solutions. That's why we're excited that the Colombian government has approached us about launching Glocal sometime in 2017 as a part of the ne Colombian Peace Process. Our common goal will be to help Colombians tangibly participate in this historic moment in local communities across the country.



let's build a better us

It's no secret that there is too much us vs. them mentality in our world—but we're inspired by the hundreds of millions of people organizing hyper-local projects that are not only building stronger, safer, smarter communities, they are proving to the world that there really is no them on planet earth—just us. 

That's why it's our goal to make organizing glocal projects as simple and sustainable as possible. We're building the world's first marketplace for people to organize, discover, and fund unique hyper-local projects.

Soon, you'll be able to find unique projects that build better local neighborhoods, anywhere on the globe.

We can't wait.


jimmy spencer jr

Jimmy is the co-founder and CEO of Glocal.  He sparks the company vision, strategy and growth as it creates unique ways for people to change themselves and the world around them. A 10 year veteran of community organizing, Jimmy founded Love Without Agenda with Lisa O'Brien-Wentzel in 2006 where they equipped local people to solve local problems—but without the advantage of a tech platform.  Jimmy met Steve on a long, hot bus ride across Thailand, as they both had gathered in the country to discuss human trafficking. 

He served as the US Campaign director for STOP THE TRAFFIK and his collective experiences have galvanized a core set of values in community action, corporate responsibility, environmental preservation, human rights and religious bridge-building. He is a decorated University of Missouri track and field athlete, graduating with a degree in Religious Studies.

Lover of the Underdog. Mover of Mountains. Akron Kid. Global Nomad. 

steve chalke, MBE

Steve" Chalke is co-founder and Glocal's Chief Community Officer.  He spearheads resourcing, inspiring, and training of our Glocal community organizers. Steve currently serves as the United Nations' GIFT special adviser on community action and is a prominent, sometimes outspoken, leader and social activist with a long-held global presence that has cemented his place as a community action rock star. His 30+ years of leadership have yielded an vast and unique understanding of the corporate and government sectors.  There are few people on the planet who have a greater knowledge of building communities, and engaging the corporate world to do good. 

He is the founder of Oasis, a London based charity that operates in communities across the globe and is the UK's largest provider of academies. Steve is the author of numerous books and articles as well as a regular presenter and contributor on television and radio programs. He was appointed MBE in 2004 for his "services to social inclusion", an honor bestowed upon him by the Queen. In the run up to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games he was chosen as one of the Olympic torchbearers for London 2012. He also set the Guinness Book of World Records for raising the most money at a single charity event, when he completed the 2011 London Marathon. He was married to Cornelia in 1980 and they have four children Emily, Daniel, Abigail and Joshua. He enjoys running and is rumored to give the best tours of central London!



We will be announcing our Technical founder soon. We're excited the splash it will make in the community organizing and the technology world. We know we need a technology rockstar if we're going to change the world—so we went out and got one. Check back here for more details soon.

founding partners

When you invest in Glocal, you're investing in a local neighborhood. Our Glocal Founding Partners are globally recognized brands who partner with us to ensure we succeed in our mission of making it simple and sustainable for people to organize hyper-local projects. Together, we're helping organize smarter, safer, and more sustainable communities across the globe. We're grateful for global brands building a better us. 



 the world's first marketplace for people to discover, organize & fund unique hyper-local community projects?

yes, please.