Saying you're a local shop, doesn't make you a local shop.


We're a social impact marketplace.


Each year 62 million volunteers contribute 7 billion local hours across the US that aren’t tracked or rewarded. The best way for brands to build local trust & goodwill is to engage in these community social impact projects.

But how?

Glocal connects brands to people participating at social impact events and builds unique local trust between them and targeted local consumers


Building Targeted Trust


Imagine a person is volunteering at a local foodshare or attending the Women’s March. Wouldn't you like to connect with them while they are feeling great about what they've accomplished? Immediately after their impact experience they could receive a free offer from your brand as a reward, and a "thank you!" for their great work! 

As a result, your brand will be associated with doing good, while bringing in more happy customers!


Special thanks to our great friends at Iorio's Gelato for supporting the power of local community!


 Hosting Impact Events?  


 Organizations that are hosting volunteer events can quickly connect their employees, volunteers & event attendees via our mobile app & integrations. Within minutes you'll have invited everyone to track your event's social impact.

Like a fitness tracker, your participants will keep track of their social impact participation. Your organization gets event feedback, a chance for chip-in contributions, and an organization dashboard.

All for free.  

Your fundraising and marketing departments will thank you!

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Your company dashboard


Your dashboard provides analytics on all your impact metrics for the life of your organization, showing your Social Impact Footprint. 


Our Goal


 Our mission is to build a global marketplace where the good that people do is rewarded. 

A platform that standardizes & externally monitors a virtual currency that people use to convert billions of validated volunteer hours into rewards from socially conscious brands.


A global brand for local impact


Helping People Build Community 

Thanks & love to our amazing friend Alize for donating her talents & passion to create this.

Follow her Instagram adventures, as she journeys across the globe. 


 Measuring Impact = Huge Impact

(yes, we did that on purpose...keep reading, it's good!)

A Billion Dollar Opportunity"Seizing the opportunity may also require the creation of new institutions – perhaps an equivalent of the Morningstar rating service for mutual funds– which would help organizations to meet higher and higher standards of efficiency and effectiveness." 

Investors of tomorrow will demand third-party-verified impact: "By measuring and comparing impact goals and outcomes, we can manage our impact with as much rigor as our financial returns, know what is working and adjust what is not, and truly invest for good."