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making community organizing simple

lot of energy. little infrastructure

We live in exciting & scary times...with millions wanting to make our world better...but lack tools.

They're starting urban gardens, tutoring students, or launching art exhibits. They're trying to organize their office to volunteer, or mobilize new friends they made at a women's rights march...they need a platform that makes organizing:  


Technology that gives organizers tools they need, and helps volunteers find unique local projects.  

Measurable & sustainable

We've got really smart folks to measure project activity. We're giving globally-minded corporations and philanthropic partners the infrastructure to invest in the most impactful local projects. 

Together, we'll build a better us


chicago launch

Historic moments can birth historic solutions. That's why our team is excited to be working right now with some amazing Chicago based people: Obama Alumni, Chicago Community Organizers, Corporate Partners, Data consultants, and software developers all working hard to launch in Chicago in Summer of 2017. We're ready to help Chicagoans tangibly participate in organizing stronger, safer, smarter communities.


just us

It's no secret that there is too much us vs. them mentality in our world—but we're inspired by the hundreds of millions of people organizing local projects that are building stronger, safer, smarter communities, and are building trust with their neighbors.

It's critical to help people find glocal projects...these are spaces where neighbors can become friends, and where trust, peace, respect, curiosity and imagination can grow between people.

We're all-in on that. 


our team


Dee Yaccino

Dee steers the ship. A cultural anthropologist, educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience doing community organizing in rural Bolivia and Dominican Republic. She now resides in Chicago and consults for several high-impact global organizations—maximizing corporate structures, developing new executive leadership and improving international operations and partnerships. She is currently finishing her PHD in social capital and holds an expertise in cross cultural partnerships.

Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer


Jimmy Spencer Jr 

Jimmy sparks the vision. A 20 year veteran of community organizing, Jimmy began community organizing in Ukraine shortly after the fall of the USSR. He later founded Love Without Agenda which operates in 16 countries across the globe. A decorated athlete in the USA, he competed at the University of Missouri and internationally as a track & field athlete. Lover of the Underdog. Mover of Mountains. Akron Kid. Global Nomad. 

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer


Steve Chalke, MBE

Steve scales the stuff. He spearheads resource development for our Glocal community of organizers. He currently serves as the United Nations' GIFT Special Adviser on Community Action and is a prominent leader, pundit and social activist in the United Kingdom. He founded The Oasis Trust in 1980, which now operates in 38 countries and is the UK’s second largest network of educational Academies. He is recognized across the UK for his frequent work on BBC.

Founding Partner, Chief Community Officer


Sabey Abraham

Sabey opens the doors. She comes to Glocal after several years in various capacities on the Obama team, where she most recently served as the White House Liaison to the Department of Energy. A veteran of the campaign trail, she has organized for Obama for America and others. In Illinois she most recently served as the Deputy Field Director for Governor Quinn’s reelection campaign. Sabey is an immigration lawyer and practiced law for several years before moving to politics.

Leads Distribution & Development


Brad Siefert

Brad makes the pixels pretty. He is a graphic designer specializing in user interface, front-end development, and user experience. He loves typography, grids, Sketch, Bootstrap, instant film, indie software, crossing off tasks from a task list, and a certain company from Cupertino, CA. His design values are: clarity, elegance, detailed and flexible. He loves working with people who push me to be better each day and who are serious about creating beautiful and meaningful work.

Leads Product Design


Pranab Banerjee

Pranab finds the patterns. A Senior Research Scientist with over 20 years of R&D experience in computer vision, image processing, machine learning, data fusion, large scale computing, and data visualization applied primarily to solving problems in the the defense (USDOD) and aerospace sectors (NASA). He has a strong interest in exploring and developing algorithms inspired by biological systems as well as human social dynamics to solve computational problems.

Advisor, Interim Chief Data Officer

Fastrope Labs

Fastrope builds amazing things. We're working with Garren GivensDhruva Rajendra and Fastrope to research, prototype, build & launch Glocal and help lead the transition to having a full time CTO.

Garren was appointed by Barak Obama as the Exec Director for the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows where he recruited some of the country's most talented tech innovators for the US government, while Dhruva founded Latch, and was Head of Product at MainStreet Genome.

We're confident our relationship will lead to a successful launch, the acquisition of a top notch CTO, and years of partnering to build something amazing—a better us.


Find a unique local project...anywhere on the planet?

Yes, please.