Almost Live!

I'm proud and excited to announce that Glocal will be going live in Apple's Appstore sometime this week. It took a few weeks longer than we anticipated...but we really wanted to deliver a few key features for both Organizers and Partners for Summer 2017. We'll be blasting off mid July in Chicago with plenty of other cities joining the fun within the first 60 days. 

A huge Thank you to a few amazing people who have made this happen. My Founding Partners, Dee Yaccino and Steve Chalke who have made this an adventure worth chasing together.  Our good friends Dhruva and Garren Givens at @ Fastrope Labs have absolutely killed version one of the Glocal App. Finally, to Sabey Abraham who came over from her exciting job at the White House to handle our external relations—you rock Sabey!

Our team is beyond thrilled to get Glocal into the hands of millions of Organizers as we build safer, stronger, smarter communities across the globe. We're going to build a better us.

Look for another update in the next 24-48 hours