Our Team


UN Advisors, Obama Appointees, Nasa Scientists, Obama For America CFO, Cultural Anthropologists, Civic Engagement Experts, Product Design Specialist, AI & Data Scientists, Business Development Lead: 0-30M in 3 yrs, US White House Staff, Global NGO Consultants, Decorated Athletes, Fortune 500 Consultants and Guinness World Record Holders.

We're Serious. Well, Mostly Serious. 

^But, seriously, we've done all that stuff. ^


Dee Yaccino

Dee steers the ship. She is a founder of Del Camino Connection, a community-based network impacting 25,000 people across the southern hemisphere. In 1994 she founded CEPY, a network of grassroots educators based in Bolivian Amazonia that educates displaced people on their governmental rights. As a consultant she has clients such as World Vision and Compassion International. She speaks Quechua, an ancient Incan dialect and has been known to track alligators.

Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer


Jimmy Spencer Jr

Jimmy sparks the vision. He is the founder of Love Without Agenda a 16-country network of community entrepreneurs. He serves as a UN GIFT Program Advocate—meeting with Fortune 500 leaders about supply chain affect on human trafficking. A 20-year vet of community organizing, he began working in the USSR as a community developer. He was in Berlin running for the US Jr National Team when the Wall came down. Lover of the Underdog. Mover of Mountains. Akron Kid. Global Nomad.

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer


Brandon Salesberry

Brandon plans ahead. He has served numerous organizations as a financial and operations manager in a full-time role—most recently for Organizing for Action. He has more than 12 years of experience at all levels of operations, finance, administration, facility, IT, and volunteer management. Outside of the Salesberry Group, Brandon spends his time running, working on home renovation projects, and spending time with family. He lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and 2 children.

Chief Financial Officer


Hendrik Van Iterson

Hendrik's scales tech up. A former teen hacker, who eventually became North Europe’s first start-up funded by Microsoft, Hendrik’s expertise is to develop, execute and bring to market global, scalable services and businesses. He has a strong focus on infrastructure, blockchain, cloud and big data technologies. His experience spans companies such as: Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Adobe.

Senior Tech Advisor


Micky ScottBey Jones

Micky activates the community. Named one of the Black Christian leaders changing the world in Huffington Post, Micky is the Director of Healing Justice at Faith Matters Network. She is currently serving as an Associate Fellow for Racial Justice with Evangelicals for Social Action. An activist-in-residence at Scarritt Bennett Center, she is a perpetual learner, “justice doula”, consultant, facilitator, mama/sister/friend, nonviolence practitioner and contemplative activist living just south of Nashville, TN.

Civic Engagement Advisor


Steve Chalke, MBE

Steve scales the impact. He was honored by the Queen of England for his outstanding service to the community. He is the founder of the Oasis Trust, a almost billion pound annual organization that is the second largest provider of academies for the UK government. He has served as the UN Advisor for Community Action. He frequents BBC as a television personality and holds the Guinness World Record for raising the most the money as an individual at a single event.

Founding Partner, Chief Community Officer


Brad Siefert

Brad makes the pixels pretty. He is a graphic designer specializing in user interface, front-end development, and user experience. He loves typography, grids, Sketch, Bootstrap, instant film, indie software, crossing off tasks from a task list, and a certain company from Cupertino, CA. His design values are: clarity, elegance, detailed, and flexible. He loves working with people who push him to be better each day and who are serious about creating beautiful and meaningful work.

Product Design Manager


Aisha Hermosillo

Aisha is a social butterfly. She has a communication studies degree and firmly believes that communication is the key to unraveling the biggest challenges in both the organizational and interpersonal worlds. She is a self-proclaimed social scientist and hopes to bring a fresh outlook on how we view volunteerism.

Media & Events Manager


Andy Hermosillo

Andy Hermosillo is field tested. He has a degree in business. He is strategy-oriented and thinks that there is always a solution to any problem. He believes that the best way to success is by putting in the work and strongly encourages taking risks for what you believe in. He hopes to make the world a better place by advocating that unity creates a greater impact.

Community Projects Manager

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Ali Bell

Ali loves marketing. As Director of Development at Market Logic, he is instrumental in sharing strategies to systemically engage global brands. His expertise lies in reaching out to marketing & insights executives and staying informed on latest trends in marketing, market research, and competitive intelligence. His insights on rapid innovation cycles: cognitive computing, user friendly software design, and new applications for user communities lets him position Glocal for future success as we begin working with global brands.

Corporate Development Advisor


Garren Givens

Garren connects the dots. As the former Executive Director of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, he brings extensive technology and entrepreneurial experience to our team. In his previous role, Garren helped the White House recruit dozens of the nation’s top innovators to tackle the nation’s biggest tech challenges. He will be assisting us with fundraising & investor relations.

Business Development Advisor

Fuzz Headhot.jpg

Fuzz Kitto

Fuzz knows corporate responsibility. As Co-director of STOP THE TRAFFIK an Australian Coalition (44 NGO's, , trade unions, UN Organisation Australia, denominations) Fuzz campaigns with companies and organisations to stop human trafficking in our life time. He travels extensively advising C level leaders on how to improve their supply chains so that they have less negative affects. His inside-out knowledge of global corporate & charity infrastructure is a valuable asset as we approach Glocal Partners.

Global Social Responsibility Advisor


Pranab Banerjee

Pranab finds the patterns. A Senior Research Scientist with over 20 years of R&D experience. His expertise lies in computer vision, image processing, machine learning, data fusion, large scale computing, and data visualization applied primarily to solving problems in the the defense (USDOD) and aerospace sectors (NASA). He has a strong interest in exploring and developing algorithms inspired by biological systems as well as human social dynamics to solve computational problems.

Machine Learning & Data Analysis Advisor