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We need your help for the next 12 months so we can launch Glocal. This is my life's work and we're so close. If you've ever thought about supporting me...now is the time!

Keep reading to see what we've done, what we'll do, and the cool stuff you'll have lifetime access to if you support us now. 

I've assembled an amazing team.

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This Is Glocal


We gamify social impact events by rewarding event participants and converting their impact hours into a virtual currency that is used to buy products or earn experiences from local & global brands in our glocal marketplace.

The results are simple & extraordinary: brands build trust and are associated with social impact, event hosts get free data, and participants get rewarded.


Year 1: What We've Done 

Built and beta tested version one of Glocal app in London through an outsourced developer

Identified and secured a stellar team through connections/meetings 

Identified and secured distribution & marketing partners

Identified potential investors

Identified CTO & developer for version 2 build of Glocal app

How We Did It

Initial investment by founding partners built version 1

Loans & Credit (meetings and travel costs add up!)

Stellar team donating time, talents, and positive energy

Lots and lots of hard work.

Next 12 Months: What We'll Do

We're excited to announce these confirmed meetings for September 8-16th. Things don't happen overnight, but we're confident that with this traction we will raise our seed funding before the 12 month window closes.

Office of Prime Minister of Netherlands

Amazon StartUp


Ex-CEO of Booking (Investor)

Football Federation of Netherlands

KPN Ventures



Orange Tribe Developers


Rotterdam Marathon

InHolland University

Marqt Grocery Founder (Investor)

When we raise funding early, you'll be free to cancel your monthly donations.

We'll also:

Build more robust foundational company legal & accounting structures

Build version 2 of Glocal app (web version, android, etc)

Continue to secure distribution & marketing partners

Secure seed investors

Cool Stuff You Get

Access. Because you're supporting us at such an early and crucial stage, you'll have lifetime access to exclusive  experiences that are usually reserved for people who have the highest number of tracked impact hours. Imagine a meet & greet with your favorite artist who wants to reward people who make a huge diffence in their community,

Ayni. We're starting a virtual currency called Ayni. You'll get 5x the dollar amount you give. You can use Ayni to purchase cool products offered by our brand partners. 

We Need Your Help

Here's how to help us reach our 12 month goal of $30,000


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